SALAD DAYS is a comedic love triangle told through three interconnected stories. Caitlin is in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. She has created “Condor Hero,” a profile to communicate with a secret internet crush. Now she must decide whether or not they should meet in person…A devastating car wreck forces Alex to reexamine his lifestyle and salvage his past relationships, including reconciling with a lost love: his ex-girlfriend Caitlin…Anthony, a misunderstood computer nerd, has the chance to meet the girl of his dreams – a geeky-cute video artist who he pines after on a social networking site. But finding an internet connection in order to contact her proves more difficult than he ever imagined… SALAD DAYS offers a funny and unique perspective on the identities people create to protect themselves from the frustration and heartbreak of relationships in the real world.

Duration: 75 minutes |

Executive Producer: Anthony Kuan

Producer: Hiram Chan, David Chien, Jeff Mizushima

Director, Writer: Hiram Chan, Jeff Mizushima, Emily Yoshida

Cinematographer: Sam Yano

Editor, Music Composer: Jeff Mizushima

Cast: Julianna Therese Barninger, Matt Garron, Dave Horwitz, Anthony Kuan, Marlyse Londe, Lisa Strauss, Kara Desmond Wall, Emily Yoshida

Salad Days

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Asian American Association Film Festival 2013


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